Science Diplomacy has the potential to play a considerable role in future international collaborations intent on tackling societal challenges. This ambition cannot be achieved by positioning science diplomacy as a soft power to be utilized by single countries to further their interests. Tackling societal challenges is a cosmopolitan ambition and common, shared interest that requires collective action. The actions required need to be organized by the domain of science, technology and innovation in close collaboration with foreign policymakers. For these cross-boundary efforts an interaction space has to be created that adheres to certain ground rules. The New Protocol for Science Diplomacy provides a set of 12 principles geared towards creating this interaction space.

You can access the 12 principles here.

The “New Protocol for Science Diplomacy” has been developed by S4D4C consortium members Ewert Aukes, Gonzalo Ordóñez-Matamoros, Stefan Kuhlmann, and Sanaz Honarmand Ebrahimi from University of Twente, the Netherlands.

On the background page of you will find everything you need to know about the Protocol what it is, how we developed it, and what use you can make of it.

The New Protocol is also contextualized in our Policy Brief accessible here.

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